Welcome to the (temporarily named) VTES Checklist


Hello and welcome to my play ground. That's right, I am not doing this for you but for myself. Well, not really, but we will get to that later. My name is Tony Fontenot and I am a software programmer by day and a crazed VTES player by the dark hours of the night. So that combination of profession and hobby may just work in your favor.

This site was created to help me, first and foremost, learn Ruby on Rails and, secondly, to help me keep track of my growing card collection. So what does that mean for you? Well, right now it means that you get this skeleton of a web application. You can search for Library and Crypt cards using a basic search utility. Try it out. You'd be surprised how powerful it is right now.
Library Search
Crypt Search

Some helpful tips when using the search:

  • "Gregg Pollack" - Will search for results which contain "Gregg" and "Pollack" in ANY order in ANY of the fields
  • "Gregg OR Pollack" - will search for results which contain "Gregg" or "Pollack"
  • "Greegg~" - Fuzzy searching - Will return many more results including "Gregg", since we're fuzzy
  • "Gre*" - Wildcard search - will return everything that has a word starting with "Gre"

So take it for spin and be sure to let me know what you think. To the right of this page is the Post a Problem link and I encourge you to use it often. You will also find the link to the right on the card detail pages. Those are there because I know there is bound to be problems with the card text.

Now that that you know what the site is right now. Here are some of things that may get implemented.

  • Images for all cards available.
  • One search to rule them all. One single search box that will search Library, Crypt, Rulings, FAQ, Inventories, and maybe even eBay. That last one is up in the air but it would be pretty nice.
  • Well, if I am going to search inventories then maybe I should have the functionality of creating them. But there will be a twist here. Not only are you going to be able to put in your totals, but you can do so by set if you chose.
  • Since you seperate your inventory by set you can also have up-to-date checklist. Know exactly what you need with the click of a button.
  • Tell the system how much of each card you want and it will calculate your need/excess. Decide if you want to open your inventory for trade.
  • Now that you know what you need maybe someone out there has it. Search other members inventories for the cards you need.
  • Deck builder? I don't know about this one yet. There are so many out there, and do we really need a web based deck builder. Let me know what you think.
  • If the deck builder is implemented, maybe a way to import and export to and from the popular desktop deck builders
  • One click adding of pre-constructed decks into inventory. We all know what the deck contains. Why not have the system add the cards for me?

Now, I have no idea when, or, even if, these things will get done. So please don't ask me when something is going to be completed. Feel free to post feature request, concerns, complaints... Heck, even compliments if you see fit, and thanks for stopping by.