Lords of the Night, Blood Shadowed Court, and Twilight Rebellion cards added.

The site has finally caught up with the rest of the V:tES world. I have added the cards for the past three expansions. You will also notice that the images have undergone an overhaul. Hope you like it! I would also like to give a shout out to krysar for the excelent work he is doing uploading images for us all.

Note: There is a problem with Advanced vampires. I am currently working on it, so please bare with me.

Inventory is here

I have added inventory. Keep track of how many cards you have and want by set. To get started with inventory just create an account and send a request asking to be setup for inventory. Be sure sure to include you login name. This is a manual process (because of hosting limits with database timeout) and may take several hours; so please be patient (I have to add 2500 card entries for your inventory).

Once I turn on inventory tracking then you will notice some new options in the Crypt and Library search. Two radio buttons will appear under the search box. One for the default list view and the other for an inventory view. The inventory view will change the list to show only the card name followed by a column for each set. Click on a count to edit. If you don't like the inventory view then you can view a card and edit the counts in the detail.

Along with inventory also comes the need list. If you are tracking inventory then you will see new links to the right of the main checklist page. This is a simple list showing which cards you need and the number of cards needed by set. I will be working on exporting options (print, html, text, csv, etc.) in a future release.

There is one caveat to the inventory system. You need to have javascript enabled on your browser to use it. You will know right away if you don't have javascript enable when you first click on a count. If the edit form comes up then you are good. If not then you need to enable javascript.

Have fun with the new system and as always let me know what you think.

Set Checklists

Checklists are complete. Things are very basic right now. Each set is broken down by Vampires and Library Cards. Click on a set to see the breakdown of the rarities. Clicking on a rarity will list the appropriate cards.

Searching Problems

It seems that the general search for the crypt and library were off a bit yesterday after the upgrade. So, those that tried it out were getting weird results. I have rebuilt the index for both areas and everything should be working smoothly now.

For those of you that are interested in the technical side of the problem; it was a simple mistake on my part. When I added the SoC cards I also did the card text formatting. I do this with a simple tool I created that reads the White Wolf card file, does some magic with the text, and then saves it to the database. Well, this latest run reset all the card ids and I forgot to update the search indexes to coincide with the new card ids.

Lesson of the day... Always run your test before going live because even the smallest of changes can break things.

Fun Updates

This thing called real life really does take away from the things we really want to do. I was hoping to update the site on a regular basis and have a release schedule for features, but the past few weeks have thrown me off. No worries though, I am back! Judging on the traffic on the site I wasn't missed all that much.

Sword of Caine

I finally added the Sword of Caine cards. I think I may be the last active utility to get that done. Sorry for the wait.

Advanced Search

Both the Crypt and Library now have advanced searches. They are really similar to all the other advanced searches out there and are pretty self-explanatory. Now you can find exactly what you are looking for without having to worry about what to type into the search box.

Card Images and Card Text Formatting

I have added the ability to upload card images by set and have also formatted the card text to mimic the printed card. For spam and sanity reasons I am forcing you to sign up to the sight to upload images. I just don't want to deal with a ton of illicit images being uploaded from random people. So if you have any scans from past ebay auctions then please sign up and upload some images.

That about does it for major items. I have cleaned up alot of little things. So play around with the new features, and, as always, feel free to leave your comments, problems, concerns, etc.

What's next? Well, I plan on working on the inventory system next. So, hopefully, I will have an inventory solution for my collction in the near future. If you have an request or idea let me know.

Welcome to the (temporarily named) VTES Checklist


This site was created to help me, first and foremost, learn Ruby on Rails and, secondly, to help me keep track of my growing card collection. So what does that mean for you? Well, right now it means that you get this skeleton of a web application. You can search for Library and Crypt cards using a basic search utility. Try it out. You'd be surprised how powerful it is right now.
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