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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Ahmose Chambers Ahmose Chambers Vampire follower_of_set obfuscate serpentis 5 3 - Independent. -
Aidan Lyle Aidan Lyle Vampire tremere dominate auspex chimerstry thaumaturgy 5 7 - Camarilla: Aidan gets an optional press each combat. -
Aimee Laroux Aimee Laroux Vampire daughter_of_cacophony fortitude presence 4 2 - Independent: You may use four transfers and burn 1 pool t... -
Aisata Swanou Aisata Swanou Vampire akunanse abombwe animalism fortitude vicissitude 5 7 - Laibon: During your master phase, you may draw a card and... -
Aisha Aisha Vampire follower_of_set animalism auspex serpentis presence 2 6 - Independent: Once each turn, Aisha may burn 1 blood to ge... -
Aisling Sturbridge Aisling Sturbridge Vampire tremere dominate auspex thaumaturgy 2 5 - Camarilla: Younger Tremere cannot block Aisling. -
Aiyana, The Wolfcatcher Aiyana, The Wolfcatcher Vampire ahrimane presence spiritus 4 3 - Sabbat: Aiyana gets an optional press each combat when op... -
Akram Akram Vampire brujah potence presence celerity quietus 2 8 primogen Camarilla primogen: Once each turn after completing comba... -
Aksinya Daclau Aksinya Daclau Vampire gangrel_antitribu celerity thaumaturgy animalism fortitude presence protean 4 9 - Sabbat: Once each turn during a bleed against you, if Aks... -
Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut Vampire assamite auspex obfuscate celerity quietus thaumaturgy 2 9 - Independent: Al-Ashrad can burn a location that requires ... -
Al-Muntaquim, The Avenger Al-Muntaquim, The Avenger Vampire true_brujah obfuscate presence fortitude potence temporis 4 8 - Independent: During your untap phase, you may burn a Cait... -
Al-Muntathir, God's Witness Al-Muntathir, God's Witness Vampire true_brujah obfuscate quietus auspex fortitude presence temporis 5 8 - Sabbat. Black Hand: If you control four or more True Bruj... -
Alan Sovereign Alan Sovereign Vampire ventrue fortitude presence auspex dominate 3 6 - Camarilla: When you play an investment card, add an addit... -
Alan Sovereign Alan Sovereign Vampire ventrue fortitude presence auspex dominate 3 6 - Advanced, Camarilla: While Alan is ready, you may pay som... Yes
Alcoan Alcoan Vampire harbinger_of_skulls fortitude auspex celerity necromancy 6 7 - Sabbat: When Alcoan is in combat with an ally or younger ... -
Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley Vampire malkavian auspex obfuscate dementation presence thaumaturgy 5 7 - Camarilla: Frenzy cards cannot be played on Aleister. -
Alejandro Aguirre Alejandro Aguirre Vampire tremere_antitribu animalism auspex dominate thaumaturgy 3 5 - Sabbat: If Alejandro is ready, he may tap before range is... -
Aleph Aleph Vampire malkavian dominate auspex 1 4 - Camarilla. -
Alessandro Garcia Alessandro Garcia Vampire brujah_antitribu potence presence protean 4 4 - Sabbat: Alessandro gets +1 strength in combat with a Laso... -
Alex Wilkins Alex Wilkins Vampire caitiff celerity 5 1 - Camarilla: If Alex successfully bleeds, the target Methus... -