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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Ambrosio Luis Monçada, Plenipotentiary Ambrosio Luis Monçada, Plenipotentiary Vampire lasombra auspex fortitude dominate obtenebration potence presence 2 10 cardinal Sabbat cardinal: Monçada cannot block. {{Other Methusela... -
Amelia Amelia Vampire brujah_antitribu celerity potence presence 2 7 bishop Sabbat bishop: Amelia can enter combat with any vampire o... -
Amelia, The Blood Red Tears Amelia, The Blood Red Tears Vampire nosferatu animalism obfuscate potence 3 5 - Camarilla: After combat with Amelia, the opposing minion ... -
Amenophobis Amenophobis Vampire follower_of_set dominate presence obfuscate serpentis 4 7 primogen Camarilla primogen: When an action requiring Serpentis [s... -
Amisa Amisa Vampire follower_of_set presence protean obfuscate serpentis 2 8 2 votes Independent: Amisa has 2 votes. Amisa can tap a vampire w... -
Ana Rita Montaña Ana Rita Montaña Vampire tzimisce auspex dominate obfuscate vicissitude 3 5 - Sabbat. -
Anarch Convert Anarch Convert Vampire caitiff - ANY 1 - Independent. Anarch: When the convert enters play, you ma... -
Anastasia Grey Anastasia Grey Vampire gangrel animalism protean 1 3 - Camarilla. -
Anastasz di Zagreb Anastasz di Zagreb Vampire tremere animalism celerity dominate auspex thaumaturgy 3 8 justicar Camarilla Tremere Justicar: If there are any other justic... -
Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna Vampire malkavian dominate fortitude auspex dementation obfuscate 2 8 - Camarilla: If Anatole is ready during your master phase, ... -
Andre LeRoux Andre LeRoux Vampire toreador auspex 5 3 - Camarilla: When a vampire you control successfully bleeds... -
Andrea Giovanni Andrea Giovanni Vampire giovanni potence vicissitude dominate necromancy 2 7 - Independent: Andrea gets +1 stealth when performing an ac... -
Andreas, The Bard of Crete Andreas, The Bard of Crete Vampire toreador dominate protean auspex celerity presence 1 9 primogen Camarilla primogen: Once each turn, Andreas may burn 1 bl... -
Andrei Puxon Andrei Puxon Vampire ravnos animalism celerity chimerstry fortitude 2 5 - Independent. -
Andrew Emory Andrew Emory Vampire lasombra auspex dominate potence obtenebration 4 5 bishop Sabbat bishop. -
Andrew Stuart Andrew Stuart Vampire tremere auspex dominate thaumaturgy 4 5 - Camarilla: When Andrew plays a card that requires Thaumat... -
Andy Andy Vampire caitiff fortitude 4 1 - Camarilla: An older vampire opposing Andy gets one option... -
Angel Angel Vampire brujah celerity 1 2 - Camarilla. -
Angel Chavarria Angel Chavarria Vampire samedi thanatosis 6 3 - Independent. -
Angela Decker Angela Decker Vampire pander presence 2 1 - Sabbat: If Angela is burned in combat, burn 2 pool. -