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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Anton Anton Vampire tzimisce celerity obfuscate vicissitude animalism auspex 2 8 - Sabbat: +1 intercept. -
Antón de Concepción Antón de Concepción Vampire lasombra auspex animalism dominate obtenebration potence 4 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Chicago: Antón gets an optional man... -
Antonino Antonino Vampire gangrel animalism presence protean fortitude 3 6 - Independent: Antonino gets +1 stealth on undirected actions. -
Antonio d'Erlette Antonio d'Erlette Vampire tremere_antitribu dominate fortitude potence thaumaturgy 4 5 - Sabbat: While Antonio is ready, you may spend four transf... -
Antonio Delgado Antonio Delgado Vampire lasombra thaumaturgy dominate obtenebration potence 2 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Atlanta: If Antonio performs a polit... -
Antonio Veradas Antonio Veradas Vampire brujah_antitribu obfuscate celerity potence presence 3 8 bishop Sabbat bishop: Antonio gets +1 stealth when equipping wit... -
Anu Diptinatpa Anu Diptinatpa Vampire nagaraja auspex vicissitude dominate necromancy 6 7 - Independent: Once each action, Anu may burn a blood to gi... -
Anvil Anvil Vampire brujah dominate presence thaumaturgy celerity potence 1 6 primogen Camarilla primogen. -
Anwar Anwar Vampire assamite celerity obfuscate quietus 2 4 - Independent: (Blood Cursed) -
Apache Jones Apache Jones Vampire malkavian_antitribu auspex fortitude obfuscate dementation 4 5 - Sabbat. -
Appius Claudius Corvus Appius Claudius Corvus Vampire lasombra celerity necromancy dominate obtenebration potence 5 10 - Sabbat. Black Hand. Seraph: +1 stealth. -
Appolonius Appolonius Vampire brujah fortitude potence celerity presence 1 10 primogen Camarilla primogen: Appolonius gets one optional press ea... -
Arcadian, The Arcadian, The Vampire kiasyd chimerstry fortitude dominate mytherceria obtenebration 5 8 - Sabbat: The Arcadian may bleed at +1 stealth and +1 bleed... -
Ardan Lane Ardan Lane Vampire tremere dominate obfuscate presence auspex thaumaturgy 3 8 primogen Camarilla primogen: When stealing blood with a strike tha... -
Aredhel Aredhel Vampire salubri_antitribu auspex fortitude valeren 4 5 - Sabbat. Black Hand. -
Aren, Priest of Eshu Aren, Priest of Eshu Vampire guruhi animalism obfuscate potence presence 4 7 - Laibon: Aren gets +1 stealth on political actions. Any va... -
Ariadne Ariadne Vampire gangrel chimerstry animalism fortitude protean 5 8 - Camarilla: Blood hunts cannot be called on Ariadne. She g... -
Arianne, The Conqueror Arianne, The Conqueror Vampire toreador_antitribu auspex celerity dominate presence 5 7 - Sabbat: On any round after the first, Arianne may strike ... -
Ariel Ariel Vampire salubri_antitribu auspex fortitude valeren 6 6 - Sabbat. -
Arika Arika Vampire ventrue auspex celerity dominate fortitude obfuscate presence 2 11 inner circle Camarilla Inner Circle: If Arika is ready during your pre... -