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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Alexandra Alexandra Vampire toreador dominate animalism auspex celerity presence 2 11 inner circle Camarilla Inner Circle: Once during your turn, you may ta... -
Amadeo Amadeo Vampire nosferatu animalism auspex presence obfuscate potence 2 8 primogen Camarilla primogen: If Amadeo successfully hunts, he gain... -
Andrei Puxon Andrei Puxon Vampire ravnos animalism celerity chimerstry fortitude 2 5 - Independent. -
Antoinette DuChamp Antoinette DuChamp Vampire caitiff celerity presence 2 1 - Camarilla: Action cards and strike cards that require Cel... -
Arika Arika Vampire ventrue auspex celerity dominate fortitude obfuscate presence 2 11 inner circle Camarilla Inner Circle: If Arika is ready during your pre... -
Blythe Candeleria Blythe Candeleria Vampire tremere auspex thaumaturgy 2 3 - Camarilla: Blythe gets -1 strength when in combat with a ... -
Carlotta Giovanni Carlotta Giovanni Vampire giovanni dominate obfuscate necromancy potence 2 7 - Independent: Carlotta may exchange a library card in your... -
Chandler Hungerford Chandler Hungerford Vampire gangrel protean 2 3 - Camarilla: Chandler gets +1 intercept when attempting to ... -
Constanza Vinti Constanza Vinti Vampire brujah celerity dominate potence 2 8 prince Camarilla Prince of Rome: Constanza gets +2 bleed when bl... -
Cristofero Giovanni Cristofero Giovanni Vampire giovanni necromancy potence 2 3 - Independent. -
Daliyah Daliyah Vampire nosferatu obfuscate protean 2 4 - Camarilla. -
Darius Styx Darius Styx Vampire ravnos animalism thaumaturgy chimerstry fortitude protean 2 9 - Independent: Darius may look at one random card from anot... -
Dónal O'Connor Dónal O'Connor Vampire brujah celerity dominate potence 2 8 prince Camarilla Prince of Dublin: Any vampire blocking Dónal b... -
Enzo Giovanni, Pentex Board of Directors Enzo Giovanni, Pentex Board of Directors Vampire giovanni animalism potence thaumaturgy dominate necromancy 2 8 - Independent: Enzo may attempt to block any political acti... -
Etrius Etrius Vampire tremere protean auspex dominate obfuscate thaumaturgy 2 11 inner circle Camarilla Inner Circle: Etrius may steal up to 3 blood fr... -
Francesca Giovanni Francesca Giovanni Vampire giovanni dominate necromancy potence 2 4 - Independent -
Franciscus Franciscus Vampire caitiff auspex 2 1 - Camarilla: Franciscus is burned (without going into torpo... -
François Villon François Villon Vampire toreador chimerstry obfuscate potence auspex celerity presence 2 10 prince Camarilla Prince of Paris: François may steal up to 2 bl... -
Gaspare Giovanni Gaspare Giovanni Vampire giovanni celerity necromancy potence 2 6 - Independent: During your master phase, Gaspare may burn 2... -
Gloria Giovanni Gloria Giovanni Vampire giovanni necromancy dominate 2 4 - Independent -