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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Abiku Abiku Vampire osebo celerity obtenebration auspex potence 4 6 - Laibon: Abiku gets +1 stealth when hunting. -
Abu Nuwasi Abu Nuwasi Vampire ishtarri celerity fortitude 4 3 - Laibon. -
Aisata Swanou Aisata Swanou Vampire akunanse abombwe animalism fortitude vicissitude 5 7 - Laibon: During your master phase, you may draw a card and... -
Arriette Sylla Arriette Sylla Vampire osebo potence 4 3 - Laibon: If Arriette has no Orun, she gets -1 bleed. -
Batsheva Batsheva Vampire guruhi obtenebration potence animalism presence 4 6 - Laibon: Batsheva gets +1 strength in combat with a Malkav... Yes
Cesewayo Cesewayo Vampire osebo animalism auspex celerity dominate potence thaumaturgy 4 10 magaji Laibon magaji: During a (D) action against you, Cesewayo ... Yes
Elizabeth Conde Elizabeth Conde Vampire ishtarri presence celerity fortitude 4 5 - Laibon. -
Fode Kourouma Fode Kourouma Vampire guruhi animalism auspex presence potence 4 5 - Laibon. -
Jibade el-Bahrawi Jibade el-Bahrawi Vampire ishtarri auspex celerity dementation fortitude presence 4 9 - Laibon: If Jibade is ready, he may burn a blood and tap X... Yes
Kamiri wa Itherero Kamiri wa Itherero Vampire akunanse potence quietus abombwe animalism fortitude obfuscate 4 10 - Laibon: Kamiri can inflict 2 unpreventable damage on a mi... Yes
Luanda Magere Luanda Magere Vampire ishtarri fortitude celerity presence protean 4 8 - Laibon: Luanda gets +1 strength for each Orun he has. -
Lucian, the Perfect Lucian, the Perfect Vampire guruhi animalism auspex dominate obfuscate potence presence 4 11 - Laibon: Strikes against Lucian cost an additional blood o... -
Mamadou Keita Mamadou Keita Vampire osebo auspex potence presence vicissitude celerity 4 7 magaji Laibon magaji: Mamadou may call a referendum to do 1 unpr... -
Nana Buruku Nana Buruku Vampire guruhi animalism potence presence 4 8 - Laibon: While Nana is ready, you get two master phase act... -
Nestor Kaba Nestor Kaba Vampire akunanse abombwe animalism fortitude 4 4 - Laibon. -
Ngozi Ekwensu Ngozi Ekwensu Vampire guruhi celerity animalism potence presence vicissitude 5 9 magaji Laibon magaji: Once each combat, Ngozi may tap an Orun on... -
Socrate Cidibe Socrate Cidibe Vampire akunanse animalism abombwe fortitude 4 5 - Laibon. -
Titi Camara Titi Camara Vampire osebo potence auspex celerity 5 5 - Laibon. -
Umdava Umdava Vampire akunanse vicissitude abombwe animalism fortitude presence 4 9 magaji Laibon magaji: You may use a master phase action to searc... -
Undele Undele Vampire ishtarri obfuscate presence serpentis celerity fortitude 5 9 magaji Laibon magaji: Undele may call a referendum to move two m... -