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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Aabbt Kindred Aabbt Kindred Vampire follower_of_set fortitude presence serpentis 2 4 - Independent: Aabbt Kindred cannot perform (D) actions unl... -
Abd al-Rashid Abd al-Rashid Vampire assamite obfuscate celerity quietus 2 5 - Independent: (Blood Cursed) -
Aisha Aisha Vampire follower_of_set animalism auspex serpentis presence 2 6 - Independent: Once each turn, Aisha may burn 1 blood to ge... -
Aisling Sturbridge Aisling Sturbridge Vampire tremere dominate auspex thaumaturgy 2 5 - Camarilla: Younger Tremere cannot block Aisling. -
Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut Vampire assamite auspex obfuscate celerity quietus thaumaturgy 2 9 - Independent: Al-Ashrad can burn a location that requires ... -
Ambrogino Giovanni Ambrogino Giovanni Vampire giovanni auspex dominate necromancy potence thaumaturgy 2 9 1 vote Independent: Ambrogino has 1 vote. +1 bleed. -
Amisa Amisa Vampire follower_of_set presence protean obfuscate serpentis 2 8 2 votes Independent: Amisa has 2 votes. Amisa can tap a vampire w... -
Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna Vampire malkavian dominate fortitude auspex dementation obfuscate 2 8 - Camarilla: If Anatole is ready during your master phase, ... -
Andrea Giovanni Andrea Giovanni Vampire giovanni potence vicissitude dominate necromancy 2 7 - Independent: Andrea gets +1 stealth when performing an ac... -
Anka, Priestess of Thorns Anka, Priestess of Thorns Vampire ravnos animalism chimerstry protean 2 4 - Sabbat: Anka can enter combat with a ready Lasombra contr... -
Ankla Hotep Ankla Hotep Vampire ravnos protean chimerstry fortitude obfuscate presence 2 9 - Independent: Rescuing Ankla from torpor costs 2 less bloo... -
Anwar Anwar Vampire assamite celerity obfuscate quietus 2 4 - Independent: (Blood Cursed) -
Augustus Giovanni Augustus Giovanni Vampire giovanni celerity presence auspex dominate necromancy potence 2 11 2 votes Independent: Augustus has 2 votes. If a vampire you contr... -
Aziz, Dammar of Istanbul Aziz, Dammar of Istanbul Vampire assamite serpentis celerity obfuscate presence quietus 2 10 2 votes Independent: Aziz has 2 votes. Place a status counter on ... -
Badr al-Budur Badr al-Budur Vampire assamite celerity dominate quietus obfuscate 2 5 - Independent: (Blood Cursed) -
Bajazet al-Nasir Bajazet al-Nasir Vampire assamite celerity fortitude presence obfuscate quietus 2 8 - Independent: Once each combat, Bajazet can burn 1 blood t... -
Calebros, The Martyr Calebros, The Martyr Vampire nosferatu obfuscate potence animalism 2 5 prince Camarilla Prince of New York: If Calebros is the Prince o... -
Carlotta Giovanni Carlotta Giovanni Vampire giovanni dominate obfuscate necromancy potence 2 7 - Independent: Carlotta may exchange a library card in your... -
Celine Chevalier Celine Chevalier Vampire follower_of_set obfuscate serpentis 2 3 - Independent -
Chas Giovanni Tello Chas Giovanni Tello Vampire giovanni dominate potence 2 4 - Independent: When Chas announces an action, any other Met... -