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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Aeron Aeron Vampire nosferatu_antitribu auspex protean animalism obfuscate potence 3 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of London: Minions opposing Aeron in co... -
Afifa, The Herald Afifa, The Herald Vampire caitiff dominate 4 1 - Camarilla: When you put a Gehenna card in play, your prey... -
Alicia Barrows Alicia Barrows Vampire malkavian_antitribu auspex dementation obfuscate potence presence 4 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Mexico City: If you control the Edge... -
Amenophobis Amenophobis Vampire follower_of_set dominate presence obfuscate serpentis 4 7 primogen Camarilla primogen: When an action requiring Serpentis [s... -
Antara Antara Vampire assamite auspex obfuscate presence celerity fortitude quietus 4 8 - Independent: Antara gets +1 intercept when attempting to ... -
Assad Salhoum Assad Salhoum Vampire malkavian auspex dementation dominate obfuscate 4 5 - Camarilla: When Assad successfully blocks, he gains 1 blo... -
Baldesar Rossellini Baldesar Rossellini Vampire giovanni auspex fortitude necromancy dominate potence 4 8 - Independent: Once each turn, if Baldesar is ready, he can... -
Beckett Beckett Vampire gangrel celerity thaumaturgy animalism fortitude protean 3 8 - Advanced, Independent: While Beckett is ready, you have +... Yes
Bruce de Guy Bruce de Guy Vampire ventrue_antitribu auspex dominate fortitude obtenebration 4 10 cardinal Sabbat cardinal: Bruce may burn a blood when he announces... -
Célèste Lamontagne Célèste Lamontagne Vampire gangrel_antitribu fortitude animalism protean 4 5 - Sabbat: Célèste can strike to end combat against a were... -
Count Germaine Count Germaine Vampire brujah obfuscate celerity fortitude potence presence 4 8 - Camarilla: Minions opposing Germaine in combat cannot use... -
Cyscek Cyscek Vampire tzimisce dementation animalism auspex obfuscate vicissitude 4 10 - Sabbat: When any Methuselah plays a Gehenna card while Cy... -
Donatello Giovanni Donatello Giovanni Vampire giovanni auspex potence presence dominate 4 5 - Independent: During your prey's untap phase, choose a vam... -
Dr. Julius Sutphen Dr. Julius Sutphen Vampire lasombra dominate obtenebration potence 3 5 bishop Sabbat bishop: Younger vampires must burn 1 blood to atte... -
Fahd al-Zawba'a Fahd al-Zawba'a Vampire toreador celerity fortitude presence 4 4 - Camarilla. -
Ferox, The Rock Lord Ferox, The Rock Lord Vampire gargoyle animalism fortitude potence visceratika 2 7 - Advanced, Independent: Minions opposing Ferox in combat c... Yes
Gharston Roland Gharston Roland Vampire ravnos animalism potence chimerstry 4 4 - Sabbat: Gharston cannot act if any minion has already att... -
Giangaleazzo, The Traitor Giangaleazzo, The Traitor Vampire lasombra dominate obtenebration potence presence 4 8 prince Camarilla Prince of Milan: Any Lasombra controlled by ano... -
Guillermo Arsuaga Guillermo Arsuaga Vampire toreador_antitribu auspex fortitude celerity presence 4 6 - Sabbat: A haven played on or by Guillermo costs 1 less bl... -
Hartmut Stover Hartmut Stover Vampire gangrel_antitribu dominate fortitude celerity obfuscate protean 3 10 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Berlin: Any vampire voting against a... -