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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Alexis Sorokin Alexis Sorokin Vampire ravnos fortitude celerity chimerstry obfuscate protean 4 8 - Independent. Red List: Once each combat, Alexis may dodge... -
Allonzo Montoya Allonzo Montoya Vampire abomination animalism auspex obfuscate serpentis 3 6 - Independent: Allonzo gets +1 stealth on actions that requ... -
Almodo Giovanni Almodo Giovanni Vampire giovanni dominate potence 4 3 - Independent. -
Amaravati Amaravati Vampire assamite animalism chimerstry dominate obfuscate quietus 4 8 - Independent: During a political action, Amaravati may bur... -
Ambrogino Giovanni Ambrogino Giovanni Vampire giovanni auspex dominate necromancy potence thaumaturgy 2 9 - Advanced, Independent. Red List: During your untap phase,... Yes
Anastasz di Zagreb Anastasz di Zagreb Vampire tremere animalism celerity dominate auspex thaumaturgy 3 8 justicar Camarilla Tremere Justicar: If there are any other justic... -
Ankh-sen-Sutekh Ankh-sen-Sutekh Vampire follower_of_set obfuscate presence serpentis 4 6 - Independent: +1 bleed. -
Antara Antara Vampire assamite auspex obfuscate presence celerity fortitude quietus 4 8 - Independent: Antara gets +1 intercept when attempting to ... -
Ardan Lane Ardan Lane Vampire tremere dominate obfuscate presence auspex thaumaturgy 3 8 primogen Camarilla primogen: When stealing blood with a strike tha... -
Azaneal Azaneal Vampire baali presence thaumaturgy daimoinon obfuscate obtenebration 4 7 - Independent: Actions to put vampires in play cost Azaneal... -
Basir Basir Vampire assamite quietus 4 1 - Independent: Each time you use a master phase action to p... -
Benedict Giovanni, Agent Benedict Giovanni, Agent Vampire giovanni celerity dominate necromancy fortitude potence 4 6 - Independent: During your untap phase, any Giovanni older ... -
Black Annis Black Annis Vampire nosferatu_antitribu animalism protean obfuscate potence 4 9 - Sabbat: Black Annis can enter combat with any minion cont... -
Black Lotus Black Lotus Vampire follower_of_set auspex obfuscate serpentis dominate 4 5 - Sabbat. -
Black Wallace Black Wallace Vampire lasombra obtenebration thaumaturgy dominate potence 4 6 - Sabbat. -
Cagliostro, The Grand Copht Cagliostro, The Grand Copht Vampire follower_of_set necromancy potence obfuscate presence serpentis 4 8 - Independent: If Cagliostro is ready during your discard p... -
Callirus Callirus Vampire ravnos animalism chimerstry fortitude 4 5 - Independent: During your untap phase, Callirus can burn 1... -
Carmine Giovanni Carmine Giovanni Vampire giovanni animalism presence dominate necromancy potence protean 4 10 2 votes Independent: Carmine has 2 votes (titled). Whenever a wra... -
Cohn Rose Cohn Rose Vampire tremere auspex dominate presence thaumaturgy 3 5 - Camarilla. -
Count Germaine Count Germaine Vampire brujah obfuscate celerity fortitude potence presence 4 8 - Advanced. Independent. Red List: Germaine gets +2 bleed w... Yes