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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Adana de Sforza Adana de Sforza Vampire brujah auspex celerity obfuscate potence presence protean 4 11 inner circle Camarilla Brujah Inner Circle: Combat cards cost Adana 1 ... -
Aidan Lyle Aidan Lyle Vampire tremere dominate auspex chimerstry thaumaturgy 5 7 - Camarilla: Aidan gets an optional press each combat. -
Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley Vampire malkavian auspex obfuscate dementation presence thaumaturgy 5 7 - Camarilla: Frenzy cards cannot be played on Aleister. -
Alex Wilkins Alex Wilkins Vampire caitiff celerity 5 1 - Camarilla: If Alex successfully bleeds, the target Methus... -
Allanyan Serata Allanyan Serata Vampire toreador animalism auspex celerity obtenebration presence 5 9 primogen Camarilla primogen: +1 strength. -
Alonso Petrodon Alonso Petrodon Vampire nosferatu fortitude thaumaturgy animalism dominate obfuscate potence 5 10 justicar Camarilla Nosferatu Justicar: When Alonso bleeds successf... -
Andre LeRoux Andre LeRoux Vampire toreador auspex 5 3 - Camarilla: When a vampire you control successfully bleeds... -
Andrew Stuart Andrew Stuart Vampire tremere auspex dominate thaumaturgy 4 5 - Camarilla: When Andrew plays a card that requires Thaumat... -
Ankou, The Ankou, The Vampire malkavian auspex dementation obfuscate 5 10 - Camarilla: When any vampire successfully hunts while the ... -
Ariadne Ariadne Vampire gangrel chimerstry animalism fortitude protean 5 8 - Camarilla: Blood hunts cannot be called on Ariadne. She g... -
Arthur Denholm Arthur Denholm Vampire malkavian obfuscate auspex dementation 5 5 - Camarilla. -
Baron Dieudonne Baron Dieudonne Vampire nosferatu animalism obfuscate potence protean 4 9 prince Camarilla Prince of Brussels: Once during your minion pha... -
Beetleman Beetleman Vampire nosferatu obfuscate animalism 4 4 - Camarilla. -
Bela Bela Vampire malkavian animalism obfuscate protean dementation 5 3 - Independent: Bela cannot attempt political actions. -1 st... -
Benjamin Rose Benjamin Rose Vampire nosferatu animalism potence auspex obfuscate 5 7 prince Camarilla Prince of Washington, D.C.: Benjamin can call a... -
Bernard, the Scourge Bernard, the Scourge Vampire gangrel animalism fortitude presence protean 4 5 - Camarilla: Bernard can call a blood hunt on a vampire of ... -
Beth Malcolm Beth Malcolm Vampire ventrue animalism fortitude presence 5 6 - Camarilla: +1 bleed. -
Bethany Ray Bethany Ray Vampire toreador auspex presence 5 4 - Camarilla: Toreador and Toreador antitribu get +1 bleed w... -
Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Vampire malkavian presence auspex dementation obfuscate 5 8 primogen Camarilla primogen: +1 bleed. -
Bulscu Bulscu Vampire ventrue dominate potence presence auspex fortitude 5 8 - Camarilla: If you control the Edge, Bulscu can steal a lo... -