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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Alan Sovereign Alan Sovereign Vampire ventrue fortitude presence auspex dominate 3 6 - Advanced, Camarilla: While Alan is ready, you may pay som... Yes
Angelo Angelo Vampire blood_brother potence vicissitude celerity fortitude sanguinus 3 7 - Independent. Red List: All Blood Brothers may play cards ... -
Barbaro Lucchese Barbaro Lucchese Vampire baali daimoinon obfuscate presence thaumaturgy 3 5 - Independent: Barbaro may place a taint counter on a minio... -
Baron, The Baron, The Vampire samedi dominate fortitude necromancy obfuscate thanatosis 2 9 2 votes Independent: The Baron has 2 votes. During your untap pha... -
Dan Murdock Dan Murdock Vampire caitiff auspex obfuscate 1 3 - {Camarilla:} Dan may take an action to allow you to go th... -
Duality Duality Vampire tzimisce animalism auspex vicissitude 4 6 - Sabbat: When Duality plays a card that requires Vicissitu... -
Echo Echo Vampire nosferatu auspex dominate celerity obfuscate potence 4 7 - Camarilla: Echo gets +1 strength in combat with a Red Lis... -
Fatima al-Faqadi Fatima al-Faqadi Vampire assamite auspex fortitude celerity obfuscate quietus 2 8 - Independent: Once per combat, before range is determined,... -
Genina, The Red Poet Genina, The Red Poet Vampire samedi auspex celerity fortitude chimerstry obfuscate thanatosis 3 8 - Independent. Red List: If a blood hunt is successfully ca... -
Hannibal Hannibal Vampire malkavian_antitribu celerity dominate auspex dementation obfuscate 2 10 cardinal Advanced, Sabbat cardinal: Once during each Methuselah's ... Yes
Helena Helena Vampire toreador daimoinon obfuscate presence thaumaturgy auspex celerity dominate 3 10 - Advanced, Independent: Helena pays no blood costs for rea... Yes
Hesha Ruhadze Hesha Ruhadze Vampire follower_of_set animalism obfuscate presence serpentis 2 6 - Independent: When hunting, Hesha gets an additional +1 st... -
Jessica Jessica Vampire toreador_antitribu auspex celerity obtenebration presence 2 8 bishop Advanced, Sabbat bishop: Jessica gets +1 stealth on polit... Yes
Kestrelle Hayes Kestrelle Hayes Vampire ventrue_antitribu dominate fortitude obtenebration auspex 5 6 - Sabbat. Black Hand: Kestrelle gets +1 stealth on (D) acti... -
Kisha Bhimji Kisha Bhimji Vampire osebo celerity obfuscate potence auspex 3 5 magaji Laibon magaji: Kisha gets -1 stealth on non-hunt actions. -
Lambach Lambach Vampire tzimisce presence animalism auspex dominate vicissitude 2 10 2 votes Advanced, Independent: Lambach has 2 votes. He can equip ... Yes
Lucita Lucita Vampire lasombra celerity potence dominate fortitude obtenebration 2 8 - Independent: Sabbat vampires younger than Lucita get -1 i... -
Marcus Vitel Marcus Vitel Vampire ventrue dominate fortitude obfuscate obtenebration presence 3 10 prince Camarilla Prince of Washington, D.C.: Marcus can burn a r... -
Mariana Gilbert Mariana Gilbert Vampire toreador celerity presence 1 4 - {Camarilla} -
Menele Menele Vampire brujah auspex dominate celerity potence presence thaumaturgy 3 10 - Independent: If Helena is ready, minion cards cost Menele... Yes