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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady Vampire lasombra obtenebration 2 2 - Sabbat -
Agatha Agatha Vampire nosferatu_antitribu obfuscate potence 2 4 - Sabbat -
Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica Vampire lasombra dominate presence obtenebration potence 2 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Pittsburgh: If Alvaro abstains durin... -
Ambrosio Luis Monçada, Plenipotentiary Ambrosio Luis Monçada, Plenipotentiary Vampire lasombra auspex fortitude dominate obtenebration potence presence 2 10 cardinal Sabbat cardinal: Monçada cannot block. {{Other Methusela... -
Amelia Amelia Vampire brujah_antitribu celerity potence presence 2 7 bishop Sabbat bishop: Amelia can enter combat with any vampire o... -
Angela Decker Angela Decker Vampire pander presence 2 1 - Sabbat: If Angela is burned in combat, burn 2 pool. -
Angelica, The Canonicus Angelica, The Canonicus Vampire lasombra celerity obfuscate dominate obtenebration potence 2 10 cardinal Sabbat cardinal: Once each {{{action that}}} Angelica att... -
Anton Anton Vampire tzimisce celerity obfuscate vicissitude animalism auspex 2 8 - Sabbat: +1 intercept. -
Antonio Delgado Antonio Delgado Vampire lasombra thaumaturgy dominate obtenebration potence 2 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Atlanta: If Antonio performs a polit... -
Aurora Van Brande, Paladin Aurora Van Brande, Paladin Vampire lasombra dominate fortitude potence obtenebration 2 6 - Sabbat: Aurora may strike for 1R damage. -
Basil Basil Vampire pander obfuscate 2 1 - Sabbat: Any older vampire gets +1 strength when in combat... -
Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit Vampire nosferatu_antitribu animalism celerity obfuscate potence 2 7 - Sabbat: Beast cannot play action cards. He cannot have or... -
Billy Billy Vampire ventrue_antitribu dominate fortitude auspex 2 5 - Sabbat -
Blaise Blaise Vampire gangrel_antitribu obfuscate vicissitude animalism celerity 2 7 - Sabbat: +1 strength. -
Bronwen Bronwen Vampire brujah_antitribu dominate obtenebration celerity potence presence 2 10 priscus Sabbat priscus: Once each combat, Bronwen may dodge as a ... -
Cailean Cailean Vampire nosferatu_antitribu dominate animalism obfuscate potence presence 2 10 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Detroit: Each round of combat, befor... -
Caitlin Caitlin Vampire gangrel_antitribu auspex dominate animalism protean 2 6 bishop Sabbat bishop -
Calebos Calebos Vampire nosferatu_antitribu celerity animalism obfuscate potence 2 8 bishop Sabbat bishop: +1 strength. -
Caliban Caliban Vampire tzimisce animalism auspex vicissitude 2 6 - Sabbat -
Cameron Cameron Vampire lasombra dominate potence 2 3 - Sabbat -