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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Aaron Bathurst Aaron Bathurst Vampire nosferatu_antitribu fortitude obfuscate potence 4 4 - Sabbat. -
Aksinya Daclau Aksinya Daclau Vampire gangrel_antitribu celerity thaumaturgy animalism fortitude presence protean 4 9 - Sabbat: Once each turn during a bleed against you, if Aks... -
Alejandro Aguirre Alejandro Aguirre Vampire tremere_antitribu animalism auspex dominate thaumaturgy 3 5 - Sabbat: If Alejandro is ready, he may tap before range is... -
Alessandro Garcia Alessandro Garcia Vampire brujah_antitribu potence presence protean 4 4 - Sabbat: Alessandro gets +1 strength in combat with a Laso... -
Andrew Emory Andrew Emory Vampire lasombra auspex dominate potence obtenebration 4 5 bishop Sabbat bishop. -
Antón de Concepción Antón de Concepción Vampire lasombra auspex animalism dominate obtenebration potence 4 9 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Chicago: Antón gets an optional man... -
Antonio d'Erlette Antonio d'Erlette Vampire tremere_antitribu dominate fortitude potence thaumaturgy 4 5 - Sabbat: While Antonio is ready, you may spend four transf... -
Apache Jones Apache Jones Vampire malkavian_antitribu auspex fortitude obfuscate dementation 4 5 - Sabbat. -
Armin Brenner Armin Brenner Vampire brujah_antitribu animalism obfuscate celerity fortitude potence presence 4 10 archbishop Sabbat Archbishop of Washington, D.C.: When a referendum ... -
Axel Von Anders Axel Von Anders Vampire brujah_antitribu celerity obfuscate potence presence 4 5 - Sabbat. -
Beauregard Krueller Beauregard Krueller Vampire malkavian_antitribu auspex dementation obfuscate 4 4 - Sabbat. -
Bela Kardoza Bela Kardoza Vampire brujah_antitribu animalism dominate celerity potence presence vicissitude 4 10 - Sabbat: During a referendum, Bela may burn X blood to get... -
Bill Butler Bill Butler Vampire gangrel_antitribu potence protean 4 3 - Sabbat. -
Blister Blister Vampire nosferatu_antitribu obfuscate potence 4 3 - Sabbat. -
Bloodfeud Bloodfeud Vampire malkavian_antitribu obfuscate 4 2 - Sabbat. -
Caroline Bishops Caroline Bishops Vampire pander celerity fortitude potence 4 3 - Sabbat: Caroline cannot block non-Camarilla vampires. -
Charlie Tyne Charlie Tyne Vampire gangrel_antitribu obfuscate protean serpentis 4 4 - Sabbat. -
Conrad Adoula Conrad Adoula Vampire lasombra animalism celerity dominate obtenebration potence 4 8 - Sabbat: While Conrad is acting, reaction cards cost young... -
Count Vladimir Rustovitch Count Vladimir Rustovitch Vampire tzimisce dominate potence protean animalism auspex vicissitude 4 9 - Sabbat: When you draw to replace a combat card Vladimir p... -
Darvag, The Butcher of Rus Darvag, The Butcher of Rus Vampire tzimisce auspex potence protean animalism vicissitude 4 8 - Sabbat. Black Hand: Darvag may burn a location as a (D) a... -