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  Name Card Type Clan Disciplines Group Capacity Title Special Text Advanced
Angela Preston Angela Preston Vampire daughter_of_cacophony fortitude melpominee presence 2 5 - Camarilla: Angela must burn 1 blood to attempt to block a... -
Angelica, The Canonicus Angelica, The Canonicus Vampire lasombra celerity obfuscate dominate obtenebration potence 2 10 cardinal Sabbat cardinal: Once each {{{action that}}} Angelica att... -
Angelo Angelo Vampire blood_brother potence vicissitude celerity fortitude sanguinus 3 7 - Independent. Red List: All Blood Brothers may play cards ... -
Angus the Unruled Angus the Unruled Vampire gangrel celerity fortitude potence animalism protean 1 10 justicar Camarilla Gangrel Justicar: +1 strength. -
Anisa Marianna Lopez Anisa Marianna Lopez Vampire harbinger_of_skulls auspex fortitude necromancy quietus 2 8 - Sabbat: Anisa can burn a vampire with a capacity less tha... -
Anjalika Underwood Anjalika Underwood Vampire ravnos auspex chimerstry fortitude animalism 5 5 - Independent. -
Anka, Priestess of Thorns Anka, Priestess of Thorns Vampire ravnos animalism chimerstry protean 2 4 - Sabbat: Anka can enter combat with a ready Lasombra contr... -
Ankh-sen-Sutekh Ankh-sen-Sutekh Vampire follower_of_set obfuscate presence serpentis 4 6 - Independent: +1 bleed. -
Ankla Hotep Ankla Hotep Vampire ravnos protean chimerstry fortitude obfuscate presence 2 9 - Independent: Rescuing Ankla from torpor costs 2 less bloo... -
Ankou, The Ankou, The Vampire malkavian auspex dementation obfuscate 5 10 - Camarilla: When any vampire successfully hunts while the ... -
Anna "Dictatrix11" Suljic Anna "Dictatrix11" Suljic Imbued martyr martyrdom redemption vision 4 6 - Anna may move 2 blood from the blood bank to any vampire ... -
Annabelle Triabell Annabelle Triabell Vampire toreador dominate fortitude auspex celerity presence 3 9 primogen Camarilla primogen: Annabelle can give Toreador vampires ... -
Annazir Annazir Vampire baali daimoinon obfuscate potence presence 5 9 2 votes Independent: Annazir has 2 votes (titled). He may burn a ... -
Anneke Anneke Vampire toreador dominate auspex celerity presence 1 10 justicar Camarilla Toreador Justicar: Anneke may attempt to block ... -
Anson Anson Vampire toreador auspex dominate celerity presence 1 8 prince Camarilla Prince of Seattle: If Anson is ready during you... -
Antara Antara Vampire assamite auspex obfuscate presence celerity fortitude quietus 4 8 - Independent: Antara gets +1 intercept when attempting to ... -
Antoine, The Lost Antoine, The Lost Vampire malkavian auspex celerity dementation obfuscate 4 5 - Camarilla. -
Antoinette Dubois Antoinette Dubois Vampire daughter_of_cacophony fortitude melpominee presence 4 4 - Independent: Toreador and Toreador antitribu cannot block... -
Antoinette DuChamp Antoinette DuChamp Vampire caitiff celerity presence 2 1 - Camarilla: Action cards and strike cards that require Cel... -
Antoinette, She Who Watches Antoinette, She Who Watches Vampire toreador celerity obfuscate auspex presence 3 6 primogen Camarilla primogen. -