Card Type: action 
Disciplines: fortitude
Artist: Richard Thomas

Ablative Skin

+1 stealth action.
Fortitude Put this card on the acting vampire and put 3 ablative counters on this card. While in combat, this vampire may remove any number of ablative counters from this card to prevent that amount of non-aggravated damage. Burn this card when it has no more ablative counters.
Fortitude As above, but this vampire may also prevent aggravated damage in combat in this way.

Clarifications, Rulings, and Errata

Ruling: Cannot be used to prevent damage that cannot be prevented by cards that require Fortitude (e.g., Blood Rage and Blood Fury). [LSJ 19990216]

Card Images

Ablative Skin : S
Ablative Skin : SW
Ablative Skin : 3rd

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