Card Type: event 
Artist: Richard Thomas

Absimiliard's Army

Gehenna. Do not replace until a Methuselah is ousted.
Requires at least one other Gehenna card in play. During each Methuselah's untap phase, he or she may put the top card of his or her library in play. That card represents a nameless, textless ghoul ally with 2 life, 2 strength and 1 bleed. If the ally is burned, it is removed from the game. When a Methuselah is ousted, burn this card. Remove all such allies from the game when this card leaves play.

Clarifications, Rulings, and Errata

Clarification: The card used to represent the ally brought into play by Absilmilard's Army is face up (that is, the other players know which card it is). Although the name on that card is ignored (if something goes looking for a card by name, for instance). [LSJ 20040623][LSJ 20071003]

Card Images

Absimiliard's Army : G

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