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  • Voting

Ruling: An effect that cancels a referendum (Telepathic Vote Counting, Gangrel Conspiracy, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before, during, or after votes have been cast. [LSJ 19980130]

  • Voting

Ruling: An effect that cancels a minion's votes (Telepathic Vote Counting, Pulling Strings, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before or after that minion casts his votes. [RTR 19950530][LSJ 19990723]

  • AK-47

Errata: The AK-47 provides the bearer one optional maneuver "each combat". [LSJ 20070928]

Ruling: Cannot be used to prevent damage that cannot be prevented by cards that require Fortitude (e.g., Blood Rage and Blood Fury). [LSJ 19990216]

Clarification: The card used to represent the ally brought into play by Absilmilard's Army is face up (that is, the other players know which card it is). Although the name on that card is ignored (if something goes looking for a card by name, for instance). [LSJ 20040623][LSJ 20071003]

Clarification: If an Aching Beauty vampire is blocked and the combat is canceled (via Change of Target or Obedience, for example), the blocker's controller still loses a pool. [RTR 19991206]

Clarification: The damage from Aeron's special is environmental (not inflicted by Aeron). [LSJ 20070327]

  • Agent of Power

Ruling: If the Agent of Power skill card is used as a placeholder to represent something else (e.g., Shock Troops, Legion), then its text doesn't apply (including the "unique" part). So the Shock Troops vampire would simply be a 1-cap Sabbat with no clan and no Disciplines. Similarly for the fledging Legion (clanned, appropriately sected). [LSJ 20071001]

Errata: Al-Ashrad has +1 bleed. [RTR 20010710]

Ruling: If the weapon given costs blood, the target Alastor pays the cost. [LSJ 20040518]

Clarification: Can use her untap ability at any point during the turn, including during a political action. [TOM 19960214]

Ruling: If Alexandra taps a Toreador who was attempting to block, then that block will fail, since tapped minions cannot block. [RTR 19940624][LSJ 19991025]

Ruling: Only vampires who can commit diablerie can use Amaranth. If a vampire is prohibited from commiting diablerie, he can't use Amaranth to overcome the restriction. [RTR 19991001]

Clarification: Burns the target vampire when the target is reduced to zero blood in combat, regardless of the source of the loss of blood (card text). Still won't burn a vampire just for entering a combat with zero blood, however - there must be an actual "reduction" in blood. [RTR 19980623]

Ruling: Multiple Anathemas don't multy the pool gain. Once one Anathema resolves (burning the vampire), the others are burned (before they get to resolve). [LSJ 20021117]

Clarification: Doesn't end combat as a strike; it ends combat after strike resolution. Dog Pack doesn't restrict this effect. [LSJ 20011210]

Clarification: A dodge won't prevent combat from ending after strike resolution. [LSJ 20011210]

Clarification: Doesn't end combat until after strike resolution, so the damage can be prevented or healed as normal. [LSJ 20011210]

Clarification: May be played after a block is successful before combat begins. [LSJ 20060410]

Errata: Can only use her ability once each action (when attempting to block). [RTR 20030519]